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Drain Cleaning

Are your drain is blocked? Then, Lamb Plumbing will be your ultimate solution to provide you comprehensive drain cleaning, repair and maintenance services to the residential and commercial customers. We diagnose the cause of the clog and then we take necessary steps to repair the blockage. In addition, our experienced team of plumbers takes the help of the up-to-date and advanced technology to reduce the blockage issues.

What we offer:

High-pressure drain cleaning

Lamb Plumbing utilizes the latest water jetting equipment to successfully clear different types of blockage from the drainage system.

Grease blockage

At Lamb Plumbing, we accurately diagnose grease blockages and clear it in the most efficient way possible.

Drain camera inspection

Are you tired of dealing with a blocked drain? We provide an accurate diagnosis through our latest, multi-directional drain camera inspection to provide a complete analysis of what is causing the problem.

Drain re-lining

If you have an old property, then there is a chance of haphazard drainage lining. Lamb Plumbing assesses the condition and offers re-lining techniques to fix your damaged drain.

Gas Lines

At Lamb Plumbing, our experienced and highly qualified plumbers reduce your efforts by offering a full range of gas fitting and installation at a very competitive price range. Our economical services include installation, leak detection, repairs, disconnection, and maintenance.

What we offer:

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are dangerous and it should be taken seriously to fix it. We will provide emergency services to avoid unwanted damages.

Gas Repair

Over a period of time, the gas fittings become weak and corrode. Lamb Plumbing will be your one-stop solution for your gas fitting. Book an appointment to get it done!

Handyman repairs

Need a hand around the house? We are helping the locals with quality handyman services. Our dedicated team of highly experienced plumbers takes care of all your plumbing needs. Our experienced plumbers have the new and advanced tools, electronic equipment to unclog drain in a timely manner.

What we offer:

Passionate plumbers

Our team of experienced experts is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves to offer you same day service at a competitive budget.

After-hour services

Our team work around the clock to ensure our customers at the time of the unexpected plumbing issues.

Free quotes

We offer you free quotes that will work positively for our customers.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Our team carries out to the highest standard of workmanship to meet your satisfaction.

Sewer Lines

Lamb Plumbing offers high-quality sewer works and construction services and has many years of experience to meet the specific needs of yours. We seek to establish long term relationship with new and existing customers based on our professionalism and reliability.

What we offer:

Blocked Sewage system

Blocked drainage can prevent you from healthy living. The accumulated dust, sanitary items, leaves, and plants can damage the free-flowing of the water. We at Lamb Plumbing will help you to clean the sewer system very effortlessly.

CCTV Drain cameras

Lamb Plumbing through CCTV Drain Cameras can help you to offer the underground surveying and it also provides a complete solution to survey the underground sewage facilities.

Tankless Water heaters

If you like to have the fully licensed and 24*7 emergency assistance then our tankless water heaters will help you to reduce the energy consumption and also it helps to upgrade your current system as well. We are dedicated to repair, supply and install all kind of tankless water heater models. What we offer:
Free assessment
At Lamb Plumbing, we offer a free assessment and we come to your house for free.
Fixed pricing
You will be never be surprised by our charges. Our prices are fixed and it suits your needs and budget.
Same day service
We understand your urgency and we always stand by our name to provide quick service.
Lifetime guarantee
We are offering a lifetime guarantee to provide unbeatable customer service to you.

Water Damage Prevention

Lamb Plumbing has been delivering fast, reliable and affordable water damage restoration and we have proven track record to provide you guaranteed customer satisfaction.

What we offer:

Thorough Inspection

Our experienced plumbers will investigate the damage situation and determine how the fixing process will work.

Same-day Services

At Lamb Plumbing we are offering you same day services at a very competitive price range. Book our services now!

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