Drain Cleaning

Are your drain is blocked? Then, Lamb Plumbing will be your ultimate solution to provide you comprehensive drain cleaning, repair and maintenance services to the residential and commercial customers. We diagnose the cause of the clog and then we take necessary steps to repair the blockage. In addition, our experienced team of plumbers takes the help of the up-to-date and advanced technology to reduce the blockage issues.

What we offer:

High-pressure drain cleaning

Lamb Plumbing utilizes the latest water jetting equipment to successfully clear different types of blockage from the drainage system.

Grease blockage

At Lamb Plumbing, we accurately diagnose grease blockages and clear it in the most efficient way possible.

Drain camera inspection

Are you tired of dealing with a blocked drain? We provide an accurate diagnosis through our latest, multi-directional drain camera inspection to provide a complete analysis of what is causing the problem.

Drain re-lining

If you have an old property, then there is a chance of haphazard drainage lining. Lamb Plumbing assesses the condition and offers re-lining techniques to fix your damaged drain.